Being Honest

Well, it’s time to let you know that all of our days are not enjoyable.  As soon as the pool is taken down, or closed for the winter, Kayla is in the mood to get all of the Christmas decorations down from the attic and into the front yard.  She KNOWS that pumpkins and fall leaf decorations mean its nearly time to bring on the greatest holiday of all.  Kayla started asking (in sign language) around September 15, so each day we discuss what has to happen BEFORE we are ready and how many days are left until we decorate. Each day the emotions escalate as do the frustration levels.  Kayla cannot express her feelings verbally, and has difficulty with expressing them in sign language, so she begins the process of pinching and torturing others while pulling out her own hair. Sometimes everyone ends up in tears, despite the fact that we have tried to redirect her attention and reason with her.  Anytime we go on the front porch to get to the garage she reminds us that there is work to be done on this situation.  We are glad that it is getting dark earlier now so that she stops harassing us to get busy on this task, at least for 15 hours.

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