Cookie Time

Last week we made cookies to give our friends. I mixed and rolled out the dough and asked Kayla if she wanted to cut out the bells on the dough. She took the cookie cutter and pressed down into the dough and was successful with 3 bells until sensory overload became an issue and she began to look toward the ceiling and shaking her head and banging out lots of bells on top of one another. I had to roll the dough out again and guide her through the process. She watched while I removed them from the oven, mixed up the icing and completed the project. She managed to sneek 2 cookies and eat them before I caught her and quickly boxed them up so that we wouldn’t have a sugar overload to match the sensory overload. She anxiously awaits the day she gets to open her surprises. Well she has already opened some from friends who sent theirs early. She is VERY curious this year!!

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