Here we are in 2022!! Lots of changes have taken place and we are finding ways to adapt.  Kayla is learning to enjoy camping again.  She loves traveling and adjusts well to living in a new place for a few days.  She has experienced some added anxiety these last few months with a tooth problem.  She crunched down on a pretzel one evening in January and it was very obvious it was a painful experience.  She began to pull her hair and mine, and the pinching and, well, the fight was on.  We were able to get her into emergency dental procedures in the OR the next day and she had 2 broken teeth pulled!  She’s now down to 8 on the bottom and 9 on the top, so we definitely have to grind up all her meats and cut some vegetables extra small.  Its real hard trying to figure out exactly what is wrong when you are on the bad end of the behavior outbreaks, but Praise the Lord we figured it out and that is in the past!