Students will face many tests in life. They will approach many academic tests with different emotions and goals. While the standardized tests give a common measure of the student’s performance compared to that of students across the country, other tests give a measure of the grade or age-level performance without that comparison.  Much can be learned from the experience of testing, and the student can be challenged to dig a little deeper after a testing session.

For home schooled students, testing is an opportunity to see what information has become a skill for the student, and which subject areas need to be reviewed and practiced. View the numerous reasons to test.

Testing should be a positive experience for each student, as he strives to perform to his best ability, showing the areas of strength and weaknesses.


IOWA Individual

These tests will be administered in the Columbia, SC area, using a library tutoring room, or special arrangements can be made.

You must order the test from BJUPress, then, on the date of test, you will pay: $25 per hour during the test. Discounts will be given for multiple children.

*Please call with questions regarding ordering the test. (803) 429-3899

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$150.00 cash (due at time of testing).

Includes complete printout of score report and summary, along with strategies and interventions  to use in the low scoring areas, which will be given at the end of the testing session.

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$90 (due on test date–send no money with registration)

Includes rental, record booklet, and all worksheet and administration costs. 

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